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Cinda owned Body Couture Pilates and Fitness Studio from March 2020 to June 2023. During this time, she became a Pilates instructor and enjoyed meeting and instructing clients in Reformer Pilates classes. Her true passion is rooted in positive health outcomes, and she believes in the power of nutrition, exercise and a shared community for mental and physical wellness.

Cinda received her MS in Nutrition and Dietetics from Florida International University in 2014 and became a Registered and Licensed Dietitian in 2015. She worked for the State of Florida as a dietitian prior to purchasing Body Couture where nutrition did not become a part of the business model as she had hoped. In 2023, The Strength District acquired and rebranded Body Couture, and Cinda is excited that they will improve and grow the studio while she returns to her primary passion of being a Dietitian while continuing to teach Pilates at The Strength District. She is now happy having the potential to have the best of both exercise and nutrition in a welcoming space.

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